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Krishna Engineering Industries is amongst the leading manufacturer of brass & copper in the country for over 40 years. Our range of manufacture is brass & copper sheets, strips, foils and circles in all sizes which are widely accepted by the user industry all over the country.

Our vast range finds applications in industry circles :

Automotive : Radiators, Wiring Harnesses
Computers : Connectors, Contacts, Lead Farmes
Defence : Cartridge Castings, Contacts, Detonators
Domestic : Decorative Articles
Engineering : Heat Exchangers, Gaskets, Springs, Boiler Tubing, Pressure Vessels, Condensers
Electrical : Contacts, Cable Tape, Switchgears, Control Panels, Connectors, Transformers, Battery Caps, Lamp Caps, Solar Panels
Garments : Zippers, Buttons
General : Flashlights, Watch Dials, Coins

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